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Dear Educators and Learners,

Welcome to Musikapuluan

This program will consist of a variety of creative works including traditional ensemble, classical music, Philippine music theater, large instrumental ensemble, pop-ethnic songs, and pop music, with the aim of introducing listeners to various kinds of Philippine music.

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Filipino culture before colonization was not a blank slate. It had a highly developed cosmology, life skills, harmonious co-existence with nature, self-sufficient economy and thriving communities, and elaborate arts and rituals. This culture became the mother template, the processor of all new ideas that visited our archipelago and turned them into new Filipino cultural creations. Each time a new wave of cultural influences entered our consciousness, we were immensely enriched because a new concoction arose out of the cultural alchemy that happened. Each one is a unique creative response to external or internal factors and new set of circumstances. The great diversity that arose out of these creative responses resulted in eight major living Filipino cultures, each of which has distinct musical expressions that MUSIKAPULUAN has always highlighted:

• Kultura ng Pagdidiwata (Harmony with the Deities, Creative Forces of Nature and
Ancestral Spirits)
• Kultura ng Pag-uukir at Pag-uuma (Poetic Mysticism and Devotion to Islam)
• Kultura ng Pamamanata (Devotion to the Patron Saint and Village Community)
• Kultura ng Pananahan (Devotion to the Home and Family)
• Kultura ng Paglilining at Pangangatwiran (Culture of Reflection and Reasoning)
• Kultura ng Pag-aaliw (Culture of Mass Entertainment or Sensations)
• Kultura ng Pamumuna at Pagtutol (Culture of Social Criticism, Concern, Protest)
• Kultura ng Pagka-Filipino at Pagkabansa (Devotion to the Nation and Being Filipino)

Head, National Committee on Music

Musikapuluan 2022 SHARPER
Musikapuluan 2022 (Episode 4)
Musikapuluan 2022 (Episode 3)
Musikapuluan 2022 (Episode 2)
Musikapuluan 2022 (Episode 1)
Musikapuluan 2022 SHARPER.png

Musikapuluan:  Gems of Contemporary Music in the Different Genres


The aim of this project is to expose the listener to the various types of music which have been written in the last five years, or even last ten years. The chief reason is  is to encourage and promote contemporary creative artistic expression within the widest possible spectrum. Filipinos must realize that all kinds of music exist in our midst, not only pop or so-called OPM, which is the least indigenized among our music cultures.

What is a “new work?”
The composition, arrangement, creation, etc. have not been seen, popularized for public viewing or have not been marketed through the net.

  • Reckoning period for a created work is within a 10-year period (2012-2021);

  • Work created during this time of the pandemic is highly encouraged.

  • Performance is recorded during this time of the pandemic.

  • Contemporary can cover a genre, style that have not explored and thus may not be limited to the 10-year reckoning period.

  • Must fall under the identified 8 gems of contemporary music identified by the Committee on Music

So, gems of contemporary music creation in the following genres of music will be presented during the last two Sundays of February and first two Sundays of March 2022.

1. Choral works or acapella groups  

2. Pop-ethnic/protest songs 

3. Classical music (sonata, chamber music, piano music, et. al) 

4. Traditional Orchestra (rondalla, kulintang ensemble) 

5. Vocal classical music (Kundiman, art songs) 

6. Philippine Music Theatre 

7. Large Instrumental Ensemble (orchestra, pop orchestra, symphonic band) 

8. Pop music

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