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Dear Educators and Learners,

The colors of our logo is about you!

Inspired by the Sarimanok and NCCA's "Alab ng Haraya" logo, the logo for the NCCA Learning Hub represents a wide spectrum of diverse ideas and knowledge ought to inspire and push for cultural literacy.

The main feature of the Culture and Arts Resource Portal logo was inspired from the NCCA Logo - the Alab ng Haraya (Flame of imagination) which symbolizes the wellspring of Filipino Art and Culture

The logo also contains two basic elements:

The tail - that best represents fundamentals of the NCCA Learning HUB portal featuring Teacher Resources, Educational Programs, Values Programs, and other artistic endeavors.  

The comb - which exemplifies the height of the education and learning with the fusion of the Filipino core beliefs Competence, Creativity, Knowledge and Hope.

The over-all look also resembles that of a "sarimanok" which denotes Philippine artistic expressions.

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