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Dear Educators and Learners,

Welcome to Cinema Rehiyon

Cinema Rehiyon is an NCCA flagship project that provides an opportunity for regional filmmakers – first-timers, veterans, amateurs, professionals to build networks and exhibit their films to a wider audience. This is also their way to promote films that tell stories rooted in the culture of the regions.

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CINEMA REHIYON: Society. World. Change.


When the National Committee on Cinema (NCC) started planning for Cinema Rehiyon 14 back in 2021, we were eager to go beyond what we achieved in the previous year---the first online edition of the festival with worldwide access, which was by no means an easy feat. And to think that the committee members are all volunteers and were never able to meet in person.


Crucial to any Cinema Rehiyon is the vision of the festival director, supported by the painstaking and purposeful selection of films by the programmers---the meat of the festival. More inputs of the NCC come into play into the final stages of planning, once the working committee is established and schedules and arrangements with filmmakers are finalized. And then comes the herculean task of implementing the entire program.


The pandemic has definitely redefined our movie-watching experience. The way we consume and digest films will never be the same again. That said, we have to adapt to the times and be responsive to the film community and the audience. And from the time we started initial plans for Cinema Rehiyon up to the last few weeks of implementation in time for National Arts Month, there was some light in the easing up of lockdown restrictions. It was a dynamic and ever-changing situation which the team had to be ready for, really quick.


Hence for the 14th edition of Cinema Rehiyon, the term “super hybrid” was coined with film screenings of over 160 films being conducted online, with select films available on-site and on-air with free TV screenings. All in a span of two months. Another first for Cinema Rehiyon. 


Sure there were hitches. But when problems did arise, everyone came together and in the end, we were able to resolve them. This would not have been possible without each and everyone’s dedication to bring about the best Cinema Rehiyon experience. And with the suggestions and the lessons we learned all throughout this journey, it will definitely help the next team for the continued success of Cinema Rehiyon.


Looking back, I’m glad I had the time to be a part of Cinema Rehiyon with its theme of “Society. World. Change.” More than what I was able to see and take away from the film screenings, was the experience of how everything was put together and seeing the impact on the filmmakers and the audience during the talks and reading the feedback on social media. Truly inspiring indeed.


The individuals that make up society are the ones capable of making change that can impact the world we live in. We must each do what we can in our small sphere of influence to affect the much needed change that our society needs. Do what you can while you still have the time. 


CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU Team Cinema Rehiyon! There is still HOPE.

Butch Ibañez
Vice Chairman, NCCA Committee on Cinema

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