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Dear Educators and Learners,

Welcome to Heneral Tuna!

The Heneral Tuna is an animated series that promotes our Filipino values tantamount to our actual way of life. Each episode dials in on one of the values such as love for family, resilience, health & wellness, and faith.

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It is with joy and excitement that the NCCA presents another significant effort in the promulgation and promotion of Filipino values—the animated
web series Heneral Tuna.

We at the NCCA are always finding imaginative and innovative ways in bringing to more people our endeavors that highlight Filipino creativity
and culture. This time, we venture into the exciting world of animation and tap the brightest talents in the field—Carlo Vergara of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah fame as writer and awarding-winning director Avid Liongoren under
Rocketsheep Studio.

We assure you that you will enjoy Heneral Tuna as it follows an alien cat from Planet Mingming, who embarks on a comedic adventure to invade
Earth. but he accidentally crash-lands in the barangay of Hiraya, meet warm and welcoming Filipinos are, and is transformed by the experience in the end.

Heneral Tuna is a skillful merging of entertainment and education, making manifest several Filipino values, which our study pointed out and which is in line with the Philippine Development Plan (PDP). It is with hope that making this available online will make this more accessible to more Filipinos, especially the youth.

True to its mission and vision, the NCCA continues to move forward with meaningful and creative productions and programs on Filipino culture
and the arts for the Filipino people.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

Marichu G. Tellano
Deputy Executive Director, NCCA

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