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Dear Educators and Learners,

Welcome to Handog, Sayaw, Saya!

Handog Saya at Sayaw is a series of dance performances curated by none other than Madam Shirley Halili-Cruz of the NCCA’s Committee on Dance. These performances of world-class talents will truly make you proud to be Pinoy!

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BALAY PINOY: Festival of Arts and Values

In the last 22 months or so, we journeyed through great challenges which changed the course of our lives. We have continually lived in fear and uncertainties. Arts, dance in particular, has been greatly affected by this pandemic, like closure of dance schools and studios, cancellation of festivals and cultural events all over the country.

As the COVID-19 pressed on, dance directors, choreographers and dancers found innovative ways to continue creating and mounting dance productions yet challenged by the need for space to showcase these works.

Handog Sayaw at Saya is one such opportunity to present the wonderful creation of 22 dance groups. It is a 30-minute program which utilizes dance to promote the 20 shared Filipino values. It is a great honor and privilege to be part of Balay Pinoy, a festival of arts and values.

It was challenging to scan from the data base of more 300 dance videos to select dances which enshrined each of the 20 shared values. The 7-day presentation of the 22 dances had also been opportunities to broaden the dissemination of the said dances while contributing to the better understanding and appreciation of the values.

In Handog Sayaw at Saya, we will bring you very interesting performances that are relevant to our pandemic situation. The dance groups have carefully selected their venues to enrich the performances, recognizing new perspective on how dance can continue to navigate in these challenging times. While dance productions were shot in different outdoor locations to be able to comply with health protocols, it led into the audience better appreciation of the meaning and significance of the dance to the Filipino culture and values.

So, here we are now, ready to reboot as we will bring dances performed on mountain top, in the sea, in the caves, in the garden, in heritage places, even in the cemeteries. These dances are loaded with messages of gratitude, of hope, of love, of faith, of unity and of the current realities and aspirations for change.
It is therefore, my hope that the Filipino audience will support Handog Sayaw at Saya. Thank you very much and let us dance our fears away.

Artistic Director
Handog Sayaw at Saya

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